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Recycling & Trash Bin Rental

Trash removal by A Rent-A-Bin assists our Communities in meeting recycling mandates set forth by the State of California.  California leads the nation in recycling and waste reduction due to the legislation it has enacted.  AB 939 - The California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 - required each city, county, and regional agency to develop a source reduction, recycling, and environmentally safe transformation and land disposal plan to divert 50% of all solid waste from landfill disposal by January 1, 2000.  As a result, by 2010, California prevented 60 million tons of solid waste from entering landfills by diverting it to recycling.

In 2011, AB 341 legislated that by the year 2020 each city, county and regional agency must divert not less than 75% of all solid waste by source reduction, recycling or composting.

The Environmental Protection Agency calculated that the most recent national recycling rate is about 33.8%.  The waste diversion rate in California went from 10% back in 1989 to an estimated 64% in 2012 with the implementation of AB 939 and AB 341.

Californians are leading the recycling race in the United States.  A Rent-A-Bin is an environmentally conscious company committed to recycling our Communities' waste through trash bin rental.




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